Committee 4 Children

The Committee4Children is an independent ballot issue political action committee responsible for raising funds and educating the community about the Franklin County Children Services’ replacement levy.  The Committee4Children supports the 2019 levy campaign without any public dollars and without any financial support from Franklin County Children Services.

The Committee 4 Children committee is comprised of a diverse group of respected community leaders/citizens who believe in the mission of Franklin County Children Service and endorse the 2019 levy campaign.  Janet E. Jackson, former Municipal Court Judge, City Attorney and past President and CEO of the United Way of Central Ohio, has graciously and eagerly agreed to be the chair of the committee.  

Committee members:

Janet E. Jackson, Chair

Jennifer Adair

Reverend Dr. Tim Ahrens

Darnita Bradley

Bo Chilton

Hugh Dorrian

Luke Fedlam

Shannon Ginther

Rich Graziano

Archie Griffin

Tom Grote

June Gutterman

Matt Habash

Michelle Heritage

Dale Heydlauf

Gale King

Greg Lashutka

Rabbi Mitch Levine

Rabbi Sharon Mars

Joe Mas

Jibril Mohamed

Karen Morrison

Rick Neal

Ann Pizzuti

Necol Russell-Washington

Joy and Bruce Soll

Reverend Dr. Keith A. Troy

Janica Pierce Tucker

Hayaley Wooding