Franklin County Children Services

It shouldn’t hurt to be a child

It shouldn’t hurt to be a child, but for too many abused and neglected children, it does. Franklin County Children Services sees children every day whose lives are in jeopardy. Each year, Children Services helps more than 30,000 abused, neglected and abandoned children. It offers services and supports to thousands of families in crisis.

To protect children by strengthening families, Children Services works in partnership with more than 100 agencies and organizations – and with the help of over 700 employees, 400 kinship families, 200 adoptive families and 500 volunteers and mentors, and hundreds of foster parents – to ensure that every child has a safe, stable and “forever” home.

Who we are

  • Franklin County Children Services (FCCS) is the only agency in the county mandated by law to investigate cases of abuse, neglect and dependency.  Every year, Franklin County Children Services helps more than 30,000 abused and neglected children.  The agency also offers services and support to thousands of families in crisis so their children can live in stable homes and become productive citizens.
  • The agency works hard at keeping children with their birth families but when that is not possible, placement with relatives is the preferred choice.  Kinship care has grown significantly 
  • For those children who cannot return home, Children Services finds loving temporary or foster families to provide care.  
  • When a permanent solution is needed, the agency has been very successful in securing caring and committed adoptive families.  More than 800 children have been adopted in the last five years.

Challenges we face

  • The Opiate Crisis has dramatically increased the placement costs of the agency.  More children are in care and their needs, both physically and emotionally, are more intense.
  • In addition, traumatic events and exposure to trauma disproportionally affect children in child welfare and require more intensive services.  Children Services offers services, such as the Therapeutic Arts Program and mentoring that help children deal with trauma, grow stronger and provide healthy outlets for their emotions.
  • FCCS has been working to strengthen its workforce and increase retention in a field that is becoming more challenging, complex and difficult to staff.  Efforts have included increasing staff mobility via technology, worker support programs and enhanced orientation and training.

Our Funding Needs

  • Up to 67% of the agency’s operating funds come from two 10- year levies—spread five years apart– a 1.9 mill levy that was renewed in 2014 and a 3.1 mill levy, passed in 2009 that expires at the end of 2019. The other 33% of funds come mainly from state and federal dollars.
  • The 3.1 mill levy accounts for 42% of the agency’s income.  Without continuation of this levy, vitally needed services to abused and neglected children will be impacted.
  • Franklin County Children Services will have a 3.1 mill renewal levy on the November 2019 general election ballot. This will also be a ten-year levy and will not increase taxes!
  • There is no known opposition to the levy.

Our Mission: Safety, Permanency and Well-being for Every Child

Through collaboration with families and their communities, we advocate for the safety, permanency and well-being of each child we serve in a manner that honors family and culture.

Franklin County Children Services Guiding Principles

We Are Child Welfare Professionals: We constantly pursue excellence. We recognize the importance of providing effective and timely services. We value, respect and support each other. We are proud that we improve the quality of life for families in our community. We are fiscally responsible. We aspire to be culturally competent.

We Honor Families: We respect families’ strengths. We understand families are the experts of their own experience. We recognize that children are best served within their family and community. We separate what parents do from who they are.

We Value Every Child: We respect the individuality of each child we serve. We advocate for each child’s safety, permanency and well-being. We honor each child’s family and culture.

We Value Partnerships: Families have the right to be a part of the decision-making team. Casework is the most important function of the agency team. Families, communities and government share the responsibility to keep children safe.